From the Start to the Finish Line. And Beyond.

TGS Informatik develops software solutions of all kinds – from web sites and apps to highly specialized applications. From consulting to analysis, from architecture to development, testing and roll-out, we stand by you as experienced partners.

A perfect start makes all the difference.

The success of any project is often decided as early as the preparation phase. To be consulted optimally by specialistshelps make projects leaner, more functional, more scalable and more cost-effective. TGS Informatik specialists have a longstanding experience with most relevant technologies. This is one of our key advantages over the competition.

From pharma to finance, in projects with teams collaborating all over the globe – but also in small, tightly calculated quick-win projects – we have proven our competence. And we have always managed to put the right productsplatforms and frameworks in place.

What I can do is to quickly grasp what you need your software to do. To find this together with you and then to translate it into a software project is one of my strengths.

A perfect start makes all the difference.

When planning an IT project, you need above all else one thing: A clear understanding of desires, needs, pains and requirements. In our requirements analysis we define all specifications together with you.

Our requirements catalogue grows to be a key component of the functional specs. They are the basis for our cost- and time estimate as well as for a functional prototype of your software.

We work as an interface between your business and the development of your software. In this role, we can make sure that the two are perfectly aligned with each other. For a successful software – in terms of functionality as well as on a financial level.

As soon as you start telling me about your idea, I start building the software in my mind.

It’s the design that makes the building.

The right architecture decides over numerous factors in a software: Whether it will be maintainableflexiblescalable – and ultimately feasible. Good software architecture takes rapidly changing requirements into account from the start – and results in sustainable software solutions.

Our architecture strives for sustainability. Not only does this mean that the software will be usable over a long period of time but also that it requires a minimum of maintenance – indeed «Zero Maintenance» is our ultimate goal in every project. To get there, a solutions need to be optimally planned and conceived – but in addition to that, it also needs to be tested automatically. Our architecture sets the basis for sustainable software.

I have been designing and developing software for 18 years and regularly update myself. This is the ideal prerequisite for a sustainable architecture of your software.

Passion for Software.

With over fifteen years of experience in object-oriented software development and the implementation of state-of-the-art web solutions, we are the ideal partner for your project.

Our agile processes set the basis for an efficient execution. The result are sustainable solutions which run for years on minimal maintenance.

Our know-how covers a wide range of technologies. This reduces your risk when integrating new solutions into existing environments. We are specialized and certified partners in the integration of the market-leading framework Microsoft .NET.

As an IT engineer, I am a craftsman in coding. But I also need to delegate wherever this makes sense.

Software put through its paces.

Professional testing is a vital part of every good software development process. Every use case need to be thoroughly tested in all browsers to make sure that the quality matches the expectations – and that the software works on all devices correctly.

We put your software to the test not only before handing it over. We keep on testing and supporting in the years to come.

What we offer.

Websites based on Umbraco CMS, software to measure, eCommerce applications or integration – we are at home in all aspects of software development.

Tailor-made software solutions for optimal success.

The better a software product is tailored to the individual requirements and needs of your business and your clients, the more productive you will be able to work with it.

For 10 years we have been reliable partners in the engineering of individual integration solutions for Life Science and finance. As experienced software engineers and technical project managers, we have planned, lead and put through projects of all sizes. From sophisticated Data Warehouse GUI for biological research to performance-optimized fully automatic share-trading platforms.

We are experts in all steps of the process and are certified in market-leading technologies.

All you have to do is tell us about your idea. We ask the right questions and create a tailor-made specification.

Show your best site.

Your website is your web business card. It needs to represent perfectly and look exactly how you want it to on all devices, screens and platforms. And in addition to that it needs to be fast, search engine-optimized and state-of-the-art. Too much? Not for us.

Websites by TGS Informatik not only exceed your expectations in representation but are also perfectly optimized for smooth operation and a pleasant user experience.

Umbraco CMS – the plus for your website.

Our websites run on Umbraco CMS. It allows you to manage your website’s structure and content easily and without the need for technical knowledge.

Umbraco CMS is free of charge and Open Source. But it is nevertheless backed, developed and distributed by a strong company. This is your guarantee for a sustainable solution without license costs.

«UMBRACO» is a Scandinavian word for an Allen wrench. And like the Allen, Umbraco is a universal tool.